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Medical Binder Class

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The Paper Solution® Medical Binder will help you keep track of the necessary medical information needed for you as a caretaker or for you as the patient. We all want and need an advocate in our corner when it comes to our healthcare, Make this possible by joining Stefanie Ardoin, RHIA as she guides you through setting up your medical binder or someone you are caring for.

These classes are scheduled on Fridays from 1:00pm - 4:00pm Eastern with Stefanie Ardoin, RHIA.  

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I know from the Wednesday podcasts that once you implement the Organize 365® solutions, whether it’s the Sunday Basket®, a binder or The Productive Home Solution™, a weight is lifted off your shoulders. You have freed up your mind and most often your time. Then, you are able to dream again and do what you are uniquely created to do.

The problem is, once we become even slightly disorganized we are starved for the time we need to even implement these solutions. I know that many of you who are going through a challenging life stage or unexpected event are already missing work. And I also know that if you have an appointment or meeting scheduled - you attend and participate. So, I’ve created classes for you to help you hold yourself accountable and get your Organize 365 solutions implemented as quickly as possible!

These classes will be 3 hours long and you can literally start with your products in the box. The goal of the class is that you will go from having a brand new (or never implemented) Organize 365 solution and have it implemented and ready for use by the end of the three hours.

The classes are the PERFECT compliment to your Organize 365 products and I’ve got the absolute BEST teachers lined up for you. The Education Team at Organize 365® has a robust roster of experienced professional organizers who specialize in different areas to provide you the most amazing and informed experience in setting up your organizational systems. This is a great opportunity for you to receive one-on-one support from the dream team!

The Organize 365 Medical Binder was created to solve the problem of: "How do I become power of healthcare for someone"? And: "How can I easily delegate my healthcare to someone if needed"?

You may be surprised to learn that almost nothing that you need to complete the workbook included with The Medical Binder is in your filing cabinet or current paperwork. The majority of what you need to create this binder is in your brain. And if you don't take the time to write out your medical history, you won't have it when someone else needs it. Use this time in class to think through and complete your workbook inside of your binder.

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