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    The Sunday Basket Home Planning Day with Lisa + Planning Day Workbook

     Sunday Basket  Planning  Events  The Productive Home Solution


    Join Planning Day LIVE with Lisa to learn how to approach the next four months with a planned and strategic approach. This will allow you to the time to enjoy experiences with your family, create a plan for your kids or family members, and create time and plan for your priorities, roles and goals. Read more below.

    Learn how to plan for the next 120 days. The next Planning Day is LIVE on August 24th 2024 from 10 am - 2 pm.
    Stop operating from a place of reactiveness and live your life with a proactive, planned, and productive approach!


    You will receive your complimentary Sunday Basket Home Planning Day Workbook and work through the “thinking part” of preparing for the next season together. **Your workbook will ship the beginning of August**

    We will dive deep into the goal setting, delegation, planned neglect, and priorities that we will be focusing on in the coming trimester.

    This will be conducted over a Zoom Masterclass.

    In this 4-hour “Planning Day” Zoom, Lisa will walk you through the first section of the workbook step by step, page by page.

    Topics covered in the Planning Day Zoom include:

    • Big picture planning
    • Let's take an inventory of our next 3 "Lisa years'" goals
    • Your Year at a Glance
    • Planning Your Goals
    • Identify your roles and responsibilities
    • Understanding where your time goes 
    • Establishing Better Habits and Routines
    • Creating Task Stacking
    • Systems for Recurring Tasks and Bills
    • Creating Your Ideal Week
    • Best practices for using your workbook for the best productivity

    *If you cannot attend LIVE a replay will be available for approximately 6 weeks. 

    Planning Day FAQs on this page.

    See what others have to say about Planning Day: 

    “I really enjoyed the planning day session. I think it provided the much needed context I personally needed to begin planning how to move forward right now ...So much on my to do list after today.  Excited to get started! Thank you again!” — Donna

    “Lisa, Thank you for a wonderful planning day!...I would pay double to have spent my Saturday morning with you...I feel so very supported by you and this program, I feel like you are always thinking of us out here and thinking of ways to offer more value in this program. It is worth every penny. You are a treasure and I'm SO happy to have found you when I did.”  — Anonymous

    “Learned so much from Planning Day on Saturday and implemented a few little things of prepping my week. This morning I got up early to work, had a family meeting with my kids (grade 5&3) about the day, and gave them each an index card with the three things they had to do for school today...Feeling good about my week, tired for the continued lock down but we have a plan and are going to work the plan!” — Lori

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