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    Teacher Friday Workbox - Candy Apple Red

     Teacher Friday Workbox


    With the Teacher Friday Workbox, you can eliminate piles of work-related paper once and for all. The Teacher Friday Workbox is an organizational tool to keep your paper under control, and improve your skills of paper management. The Teacher Workbox system comes with a physical playbook, extensive online education, and membership in our exclusive online community. You will learn the skills of organizing work papers, planning your week for maximum productivity, and making consistent progress on your goals.

    The administrative tasks that you have at school are necessary but don’t let them overwhelm you or steal your TIME. Reduce the amount of time you spend on administrative tasks with the Teacher Friday Workbox®.

    The Teacher Friday Workbox allows you to:

    • Reduce the overwhelm
    • Externalize your executive function and reduce the mental to-do list load
    • Have a centralized location and routine for processing through notes, to-dos, and observations for your class
    • Plan and create checklists to make it easier to do all the routine tasks throughout the year such as field trips, holiday planning, reports, and state testing
    • Create a systematic approach to quickly accessing passwords for students on all the online platforms
    • Easily track and store CEUs and Professional Development certificates, documentation, and opportunities
    • Establish a good cadence in habits for when you leave the classroom to do things within the school building
    • Save time by having a well-documented and easy-to-retrieve system for when you need to do a discipline referral, document an incident in the classroom, grab a health form for a child with a food allergy, or utilize a standard form at your school
    • Prepare for emergencies or having to step out of the classroom at a moment’s notice - everything is already documented and ready to go for anyone who would need to step in
    • Safely store building documentation, handbooks, papers needed for school and team meetings for easy access

    Give yourself the gift of a like-minded community and resources available to help you streamline the things that are within your control. The Teacher Friday Workbox includes:

    • The Complete Teacher Friday Workbox in Candy Apple Red comes with 8 complete sets of slash pockets designed specifically for the Teacher Friday Workbox
    • A step-by-step playbook to guide you in setting up your Teacher Friday Workbox
    • Access to the Teacher Friday Workbox Dashboard with video training courses and additional resources
    • Lifetime membership to the Teacher Friday Workbox Community - crowdsource with fellow teachers and educators in the Organize 365® Community.
    • Teacher Camp Summer 2024 will be from 10:00am to 12:30pm on Monday, July 1st, Friday, July 5th, Monday, July 8th, Friday, July 12th and Monday, July 15th.

    Save yourself over 100 hours per school year by preparing yourself for success and thinking through the next school year.

    The system contains a combination of physical and digital learning tools to help you create lasting organizational success in your workspace.

    Your purchase of the Teacher Friday Workbox includes:

    • A physical Friday Workbox in Candy Apple Red
    • One set of rainbow-colored 1.0 slash pockets (5 total)
    • One set of twenty (20) Essential slash pockets (5 each of pink, purple, blue, and green)
    • 1 Set of Organize 365 Yellow Slash Pockets (5 total)
    • 1 Set of Organize 365 Orange Slash Pockets (5 total)
    • 1 Set of Organize 365 Red Slash Pockets (5 total)
    • A step-by-step Playbook to guide you in setting up your Teacher Friday Workbox
    • Access to the online Teacher Friday Workbox course, which contains detailed on-demand training for implementing your new Workbox system
    • Membership in an exclusive online community where you can connect with others in the academic arena.
    • Teacher Camp 2024

    Would you like a reimbursement for your business expenses or Teacher Friday Workbox?  The Teacher Friday Workbox is considered a work-related expense and you can use our form letter below to request the purchase through your company or request reimbursement from your company.  

    Reimbursement Letter for Teacher Friday® Workbox


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