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    Organize 365 Slash Pockets - Additional

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    Additional sets of five single color slash pockets available in pink, purple, blue, green, red, yellow, and orange. Read below for additional details.

    Running out of slash pockets in a specific color? Need a new color for a specific project? We now offer extra slash pockets in the color of your choice. 

    Slash pockets are available in sets of five in the following colors: 

    • pink (traditional 2.0 color)
    • purple (traditional 2.0 color)
    • blue (traditional 2.0 color)
    • green (traditional 2.0 color)
    • red
    • yellow
    • orange

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    Questions & Answers

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    Dawn -
    I’m so happy with the quality of these slash pockets. These are thick and sturdy and have no sign of ripping, and many of mine are quite full. I can change labels on the tabs with little work with my nail and not leave a mark, so I can reuse them over and over when I want/need. Don’t change a thing. I love these.
    Lori -
    I love the flexibility of buying colour-specific slash pockets. I own an accounting business and operate it from my home and as I have set up my workbox and four binders for my business operations, I realized I’m heavy on the purple (clients) and green (admin), and “lite” on the pink (marketing & advertising) and blue (HR). It was super convenient to order as many packs of purple and green slash pockets as I needed to set up my binders and each client has a purple slash pocket with a simple biography sheet in it. The slash pocket holds emails and notes that I need to attend for when that particular client’s work arrives in my office. The quality of the slash pockets is beyond anything you can get at an office supply store and it holds SO MANY sheets of paper both front and back, and they retain their strength and stability even jammed full of papers. I can probably get 50-75 sheets of paper in a slash pocket without damaging or compromising the seams. Excellent product - terrific that you can buy each colour on their own!