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    Are you ready to go all in on what you were uniquely created to do? The Friday Workbox All In Bundle gives you everything you need to organize your “work” and learn the skills of being proactive and productive in your work. Planning Day is Sept 6, 2024, 10 am - 2 pm ET.


    Knowing what you are uniquely created to do is a GIFT. In order to give that gift to the world, you need to be organized. You need to be proactive and productive. Often you are the cap on whatever you are trying to accomplish. The Friday Workbox All In bundle is your comprehensive professional development course for learning how to organize the four kinds of work that everyone has, making the invisible work visible, and learning the necessary communication skills to host effective meetings with your growing team.

    The Friday Workbox® All In Bundle includes:

    Join now and you’ll be enrolled in the fall session of the Friday Workbox Meeting Mastermind Course. This is a lifetime membership. The Friday Workbox Meeting Mastermind Course includes 4 live 50 minute sessions starting at 1:00pm ET on:

    Fall 2024

    • September 20, 2024
    • October 4, 2024
    • October 18, 2024
    • November 1, 2024

    Would you like a reimbursement for your business expenses or Business Friday Workbox?  The Business Friday Workbox is considered a work-related expense and you can use our form letter below to request the purchase through your company or request reimbursement from your company.  

    We have the following form letter that you can print out to help you with this:

    Business Friday Workbox Reimbursement Letter

    Watch the Videos Below to Learn More About What’s Included in this Bundle:

    The Business Friday Workbox Orientation video:

    Friday Workbox Planning Day Orientation video:

    Meeting Mastermind Course Overview video:

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