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Organize 365 School Memory Binder in Blue

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The Organize 365® School Memory Binder will enable you to pare down your collection of your children's memories into a beautiful, extra-wide binder.

As a companion to the digital Kids Program, we have a line of physical products designed to give your kids the TOOLS to help them get and stay organized!

Kids are the most prolific artists among us. From handprints to dot paintings to scribbles to worksheets–it’s a LOT! When they’re little, everything is darling and precious and reflects great leaps in their development. When they’re older, there may be less tempera paint, but it’s replaced with imaginative stories, clever doodles, and evidence of expanding intelligence.

Sometimes, we need someone to give us permission to keep only the best and the most precious and let go of the rest.

The School Memory Binder will enable you to pare down your collection of kids’ artwork, projects, stories, and more into a beautiful, extra-wide binder. You will be shipped a physical 3-ring binder in the color of your choice containing purposefully designed, full color forms and worksheets to help you organize your child’s school and artwork in chronological order through 12th grade. Each year of your child’s life is given a separate section, and page protectors keep those beloved creations safe for many years to come.

Inside each binder:

  • Quick Guide – An information sheet to help you make those tough decisions on what to keep plus where and how to store it.
  • Date Reference Sheet – A vital resource for organizing your photos and artwork by calendar and school year. How old was Charlotte in 2014? What grade was that artwork from? All covered here.
  • Cover Sheets for each grade, including a spot for your little one’s photo, favorite things, memories and more
  • Page Protectors to easily store and protect the beloved pieces you want to keep (100)

    The binders hold 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper with the capability to add or rearrange the sheet protectors to create an archival system as unique as your child. It’s recommended that each child has his or her own binder.

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    Katherine -
    This is a WONDERFUL product! It's SO VERY easy to use. Plus, once your kids are old enough, they can fill out the cover sheets, and then you'll have their handwriting captured, too! The printables make it so easy and beautiful and seamless. This is definitely worth the money!